ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012
Pinky Show
Live and work in the desert (US)

Banked Into Submission (The Globalizationist’s Guide to Developing Poverty)
, 2007
Defending Globalization (a mission for the educated and enlightened), 2007
Globalization (and the metaphysics of control in a free market world), 2007

For the last five years Pinky Show has been working on reprocessing and disseminating knowledge that is misrepresented, ignored, or in some other way banished from current discussions in the mass media and in schools. As a non-profit organization, the artists collective analyses and scandalizes contemporary social and political problems, such as the construction of the “Other,” the effects of colonialism that persist to this day, and mechanisms of exclusion, which operate in public institutions like museums, for example. These themes are depicted and distributed via the Internet in the form of comics and videos, in which animated hand-drawn cat characters talk about relationships between historiography, ideologies, and power in simple and informal language. In the Pinky Show’s globalization comics, the cat called Bunny explains the complex effects of globalization and above all reveals the various interests, which from her point of view are behind the processes of globalization. (HP)

In the supporting program to the ZKM exhibition the Pinky Show offers a workshop from September 23–25, 2011.


On native Land: Pinky & Bunny are visited by the ghosts of 10,000 slaughtered sheep, 2009