ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012
Nezaket Ekici

* 1970 in Kirsehir (TR), lives and works in Berlin and Stuttgart (DE)

Work in Progress – Personal Map, 2008 (ongoing)

As part of a two-day performance the artist Nezaket Ekici creates a new vision of her work entitled Work in Progress – Personal Map, in which she represents the various stages of her work as an artist over the last ten years. Starting out from her earliest performance, Ekici reports – with the use of language and bodily gesture – on her video, performance, and works in installation art, and the respective exhibition contexts in which these were presented. Her anecdotal narratives about herself and her art are among the personal encounters no less than are the everyday experiences when travelling through the various countries she visited. She will mark each place she visited by a nail on a white platform and connect it by a red thread with the stages to which it relates. In this way Ekici turns her work-related stays in over eighty cites, twenty-five countries, and three continents into an object of her artistic reflection.
However, the interlacing of art and her personal, everyday experience also comes to expression at a second level: In her performances, Ekici directly integrates the public into the production of her “card;“ whereby, in discussion with the visitors, she establishes links between her own and their experiences. Work in Progress – Personal Map thus becomes a travelogue, a personal map in which the boundaries between the professional and the private, between the artistic and the everyday, between the past and the present become fluid. (HP)

Performance at the exhibition on September 16, 2011, from 8 p.m., and on September 17, 2011, from 12 noon


Work in Progress – Personal Map
, 2008 (ongoing)