ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012

Ashley Hunt

A World Map: In Which We See...
Fr–So 23.–25.09.2011

North American artist, Ashley Hunt, conducted the workshop A World Map: In Which We See... as the basis of his work of the same name in which he undertakes a critical examination of the question of globalization and the possibilities for presenting this artistically. Whereas Hunt‘s work sketches a schematic map of the political, economic and social connections on a blackboard, the questions it throws open designate real conflicts and problems, which are discussed by the workshop participants on the basis of their own experiences. Following a discussion of these contents, a metaphor was identified in the image of a “pinball” machine for existence in this difficult to control and at the same time profit-oriented globalized world: the participants then developed individual presentations and rules for a “game” of globalization. Since the complexity of the subject-matter – and also the sense of “involvement” in the processes of globalization – is most likely to be conveyed by the multiplicity of the presentations, a collaborative work was developed at the end of the workshop, which summarizes the different images and ideas by means of their dichotomies; as “local” interpretation of the “World Map” they can be viewed alongside Hunt’s original work in the exhibition.

Download the brochure produced during the workshop