ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 09|17|2011 – 02|05|2012
Life Worlds and Image Worlds

"I am not that serious" - Eko Nugroho's ALIEN NATION


We visited Eko Nugroho at work in the exhibition space. CLICK IMAGE TO OPEN GALLERY. All images: Fidelis Fuchs. © ZKM

A man-machine on crutches and a masked duke, a pyramid-formed octopus and a sign with the laconic imprint “creamy crisis” – all this is depicted in the over-sized mural work ALIEN NATION that Eko Nugroho, artist-in-residence, shows us about his perspective of life and the everyday in Karlsruhe. And we must admit that from his point of view we do actually look really rather odd. So, we put the question to him “do you see what we see, Eko Nugroho?” Continue reading ... 

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